Fine Art for your Kitchen
Finest Mani olive oil in unique, hand painted canisters.

The art of good olive oil

The Koroneiki. Hand-picked in Novemeber and December: there the oil is green and spicy.

It is really challenging to produce a great extra-virgin olive oil, similar to pressing a great wine. Olive oil production does not forgive mistakes. Wind and weather, the soils, tree care, harvesting and transport to the mill, oil extraction, storage and bottling - everything must be coordinated. In a climatically unfavorable year it is therefore extremely difficult to produce a really good oil. Cooperation and interaction with nature is the greatest gift - for the producer as well as for the final consumer. This explains why the oil from the Valavanis family mill is a little different every year - love, passion, wind and weather, sea and taigetos - everything is reflected in this fantastic olive oil.

The Koroneiki olive in February and March gives a soft and mild oil

Thus, at the beginning of the harvest, in the months of November and December, the olive oil is greener, spicier, with the aromas of green apple, wild herbs and a slight spiciness. The more sun-ripened olives of January, February and March produce a milder, smoother olive oil, with notes of banana, green tomato and wild herbs. The Koroneiki olive in itself can be described as soft, flattering and full-bodied. The oil is always obtained from 100% Koroneiki olives.

The fresh olive oil

The very fresh olive oil is a delight! At the mill it is tasted every day with bread full of joy. Every year the farmers are proud of their oil. Every year it is a pleasure to market it. Every year the customer is full of joy when the fresh oil reaches him. Finally!

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade.

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The oil is pressed directly from olives in first pressing exclusively by mechanical means (cold, up to a maximum of 27degrees). The free fatty acid content, calculated as oleic acid, must not exceed 0.8 g per 100 g of oil. Taste, smell and color must be exquisite and impeccable. The oil is characterized by a great variety of flavors. It is a pleasure that, despite the weather and all the influences of nature, every year an extra virgin olive oil, or extra virgin is obtained.

The art in everyday life

lisa geyer

The painting of the canisters, is a tribute to the Mani, the people and the olive oil. It is my desire with the painted canisters, the energy and heat process of high quality olive oil to make visible. To delight people with the oil paintings for a certain time in their kitchens, to bring the best olive oil into the pots, pans and bowls and to make the trade as personal as possible.There where currently more and more alienation in trade arises and thus also between people, there I wish warmth and encounter. And that also for the economy.

Social sculpture as a living concept of art by Joseph Beuys, is more relevant today than ever, because it challenges us to be mindful and sustainable in our thoughts and actions.The more diverse our thinking is, the more creative we can be. The more flexible our thinking is allowed to move, the more progressive we can be. And the more colorful and loving our actions are, the more joyful we can be in our society.

The economy can grow immeasurably - but can it do so in a way that is beneficial to human beings? So what can grow, what can be taken back? And how can this happen other than through encounter and interest? It seems so important to always create the space for a new form of art production - a form of art that takes place between people. My painted canisters, the promise of the highest quality of organic olive oil and the contact with the people who deal with it, produce it, sell it, is my participation in the shaping of our social and living economic life.